Over the years, I have judged and conducted seminars across the country at state, regional, national, and world shows. During those events, I was often asked to provide private instructional lessons, but my busy schedule as Director of Product Development at WASCO did not allow the time.

In July of 2011, the WASCO Monroe, GA facility was closed and moved to McKenzie Sports Products in North Carolina. I am now working from my home studio as a product developer for McKenzie. Now that I am working from a home studio, I am offering private taxidermy instruction. My classes are specially tailored to fit a client’s precise needs. My greatest level of expertise is in deer, game heads, and mammals.

My credentials include 30 years of experience, three National Taxidermist of the Year awards, two Bruchac awards for Best Whitetail Deer, four 1st Place Master’s Awards at the World Taxidermy Competition, multiple People’s Choice & Judges Choice Awards, as well as sculpting and product design awards. I have scored two perfect 100’s at National competitions. I was the “Back to Basics” writer for Breakthrough Magazine for 10 years and my work has been featured on the covers of every taxidermy trade magazine. I have spent many years studying animal anatomy and have used that knowledge to sculpt several muscular and skeletal models that have been widely used throughout the industry. My instructional methods are also featured in the #1 selling whitetail deer mounting video (DVD270), Whitetail Deer Shoulder Mount: A to Z with Rick Carter.I am currently scheduling 3 to 5-day one-on-one instruction on a first come, first served basis. This training will be intense and will be conducted with only one student at a time. The student will have my undivided & uninterrupted attention for the duration of each course. The classes will be designed specifically to fit the student’s request. Open-mouth techniques (resin or acrylic), advanced casting & molding (RTV), finishing techniques, anatomy, skeletal mechanics…for any species of animal.

These courses are for the taxidermist who wants to take their work to a higher level of quality and accuracy, even at the competition level.

Pricing and accommodations will be structured to fit the student’s needs. If necessary, the course can even be conducted at the student’s own studio.

Call or email me if you wish to schedule a class.
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